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The Top 11 Independent Shops to Visit in Falmouth

At Inspire Makers, we adore being on the Old High Street in Falmouth and feel very passionately about supporting the independent businesses that make our town so vibrant and special. So for us, it’s important to provide a little context as to why it’s so important to support the high street. Indulge us in sharing the treasures of an independent high street and our Top 11 Independent Shops in Falmouth.

The decline of high streets nationwide has been widely reported for many years now due to the perfect storm of online shopping, shopping malls, and large chains that are able to price out small businesses. In recent years, high streets suffered another setback, with the pandemic encouraging further e-commerce and rising energy costs resulting in small business owners calling time on their businesses and pursuing alternative livelihoods.   

Thankfully there are pockets of hope, and as customers shift towards sustainably minded shopping habits, there are high streets where independent shops are thriving. Choosing to spend your money with small businesses, on local products, instead of the mass-produced big brands, makes an unimaginable difference to our high streets and our communities. 

An independent high street nurtures collaboration and community spirit whilst ensuring we have a diverse range of products to choose from that showcase local talent and craft. Supporting these shops ensures you are supporting your local economy and community instead of supporting companies that could be exploiting their workers overseas. 

As you’ll see, Falmouth high street is home to an impressive and eclectic mix of independent shops. Falmouth has been named Britain’s Best Coastal Community, seeing off a staggering 900 other towns entered. The town was also shortlisted in the third annual Great British High Street Awards, so don’t just take our word for it that visiting and shopping in Falmouth is well worth it!  

What shops are in Falmouth?

Falmouth high street is full to the brim of independent shops, and as our high street is mostly one long route of connecting streets, with a few little off-shoots, it’s incredibly easy to browse them all and not lose your bearings. 

With a mix of antique shops, art galleries, homeware shops, jewellers, deli’s, florists, and shops run by creatives who showcase their work, there is something for everyone.

If you like easy access to your essentials and creature comforts too, there are a few well-known chains peppered throughout the high street, such as Boots, Tesco, Wilko and Holland & Barrett. 

Unlike a few towns in Cornwall, in which the high streets are dependent on the tourist seasons and often close off-peak, Falmouth is a university town and thrives all year around. With many graduates choosing to stay in the town, there is an ever-growing programme of events, festivals, and pop-ups all year around.  

Our Top 11 Independent Shops to Visit in Falmouth

1. Willow & Stone

Founded by Sarah, Willow and Stone supplies quality authentic products at fair prices. A stylish favourite in Falmouth, Willow and Stone is a go-to for gifts. From small and affordable items such as beautifully wrapped soaps and sets of espresso mugs to long-lasting furnishings, which are a little more of an investment, every item stocked has been carefully considered and would make a lovely gift.

  •   18 Arwenack Street, Falmouth
  •   Homeware, Lighting, Ironmongery, Stationery, Prints & Gifts
  •   Price Range: Low – High
  •   Website
  •   Instagram
Willow and Stone shop front
Rustic aesthetic interior with red cupboard

2. Inspire Makers

We may be a little biased, but here at Inspire Makers we stock the work of over 50 Cornish artists and makers – so we’re giving them a shoutout really! Founded by Vicki, Inspire Makers is for the creatively curious and celebrates the handmade. We are known for our varied, affordable handmade jewellery collection, ceramics, and gorgeous prints. We also encourage wellbeing and community through our regular creative workshops. Come and say hello!!

  •   5 High Street, Falmouth
  •   Ceramics, Original Artworks, Prints, Homewares, Jewellery, Stationery, Accessories
  •   Price Range: Low – High
  •   Website
  •   Instagram
Inspire Makers shop front with handmade pottery in the window

3. Parade 

Run by lovely Helen, Parade is a womenswear and homeware shop, championing pieces by independent British and Danish brands. Her clothes rails are full of handpicked, colourful garments and are a joy to browse through. 

  •   19 High Street, Falmouth
  •   Womenswear, Accessories, Gifts and Homeware
  •   Price Range: Low – Mid
  •   Website
  •   Instagram
soft folded cardigans on shop table
Mannequin with green vest and white jeans

4. The Grey Lurcher

A carefully curated range of design-led products. They are Falmouth’s Annie Sloan stockist, with the full range of iconic chalk paints and accessories and other homeware pieces. You’ll also find cards, homewares, and gifts. 

  •   20 High Street, Falmouth
  •   Homewares, Home Fragrances, Bath & Beauty, Accessories
  •   Price Range: Low – Mid
  •   Website 
  •   Instagram 
Shop interior
Shop interior with paint cans on shelves

5. Falmouth Bookseller

Falmouth Bookseller is one of the most special shops in Falmouth staffed by knowledgeable book lovers. It is one of the leading independent bookshops in the UK, and has a wide range of books. If you can’t find something specific, they are happy to order in for you, and are brilliant for recommendations!

  •   21 Church Street, Falmouth
  •   Books – Fiction, Natural History, Children’s, Current Affairs, Local Interest
  •   Price Range: Low – Mid
  •   Website
  •   Instagram
Falmouth Booksellers shop front
Falmouth Booksellers sign with books on top

6. Cloudberry Living

A home interior-design shop specialising in modern Scandinavian design. Run by Alicia and Steve, who have experience in high-end interior design companies. They are one of the longest-standing UK sellers of top Scandinavian brands, and have a fantastic website if you’re not able to get to the shop.

  •   4 High Street, Falmouth
  •   Lighting, Furniture, Wellbeing, Soft Furnishings, Jewellery, Kitchen & Tableware
  •   Price Range: Low – High
  •   Website 
  •   Instagram
Cloudberry shop exterior
Scandinavian shop table top

7. Ludgate House Antiques

Run by Ralph and Nicki, this beautiful antiques shop sits at the top of Falmouth’s Old High Street, in a 17th Century merchant’s house. Dealing in quality antiques from the 18th-20th century, as well as decorative items, this is a treasure trove and must-see in your Falmouth shopping trip.

  •   51a High Street, Falmouth
  •   Antiques, Decorative Items
  •   Price Range: Mid – High
  •   Website
  •   Instagram
Antique shop exterior
Blonde lady sitting on antique chair in antique shop

8. The Poly

The Guild Shop was founded in 2015, with the aim of championing local Cornish artists and makers. Everything in the shop is handpicked, and all creatives stocked are based in Falmouth and Penryn, or have studied at higher education in Cornwall. A community hub, The Poly is also a multi-purpose art centre with a theatre, pottery, exhibition space, and licensed café/bar.

  •   24 Church Street, Falmouth
  •   Contemporary Art & Crafts
  •   Price Range: Low – High
  •   Website 
  •   Instagram
White shop front
Shop interior with prints on the wall

9. The Bean Hive

Possibly one of the most fun shops in Falmouth. Bean Hive By The Sea is Run by Em and is a celebration of all things colourful and quirky, a beige-free zone! Their fabulous shop windows are now famous in Falmouth, as alongside showcasing their wonderful products, they also use it as a platform for their activism. Great for treating yourself to something small and fun, and for gifting loved ones.

  •   40 Arwenack Street, Falmouth 
  •   Vintage Clothing, Homewares, Accessories, Stationery, Art, Confectionary, Jewellery
  •   Price Range: Low – Mid
  •   Website 
  •   Instagram 
colourful wallets and candles on a shop table
colourful diaries and mugs on a shop table

10. Ondine Ash

Run by Ondine, this beautiful Falmouth shop is home to a carefully curated range of handmade homewares, designed and made by independent artisans. After fourteen years working as a fashion buyer, Ondine was passionate about providing a platform that focused on transparency and encouraged people to buy better and buy less.

  •   23A High Street, Falmouth
  •   Furnishings, Kitchenware, Bedding, Sustainable Clothing, Wellbeing, Plants
  •   Price Range: Mid – High
  •   Website
  •   Instagram
Aesthetic shop interior with candles and soaps on the shelves.
Stylist shop interior with homewares

11. Studio Dor

Founded and run by Falmouth-based ceramicist Sam Marks, Studio Dor is a concept store exploring wood, metal, pigment, cloth, and clay. Each item is carefully curated by Sam, and made by local artisans. Sam also runs his pottery workshops here, and Studio Dor is home to the studios of two local creatives.

  •   23 High Street, Falmouth
  •   Ceramics, Furniture, Artwork, Sustainable Clothing, Kitchen and Tableware, Jewellery
  •   Mid – High
  •   Instagram
Shop exterior with handmade clothes in the window
Shop interior with pottery on the shelves

Best gift shops in Falmouth, Cornwall

Love it or loathe it, buying gifts for loved ones comes with a whole host of challenges. Buying gifts in Falmouth makes your life a lot easier, as you can browse beautifully crafted objects, often made by local artisans, for a reasonable price. Whether you’re gift shopping for a minimalist or a maximalist, there is a diverse range of shops to suit every aesthetic.

If you’re looking for a jewellery gift for a special someone, we would recommend:

  • Inspire Makers £-££
  • Mirri Damer Jewellery £££
  • Studio Dor ££

Or perhaps a homeware gift:

  • Willow and Stone ££
  • Inspire Makers £-££
  • Cloudberry Living ££
  • Ludgate Antiques £-£££
  • Ondine Ash £-££

As you know, we adore the Falmouth High Street and all the treasures that it offers – so we hope you enjoy your day exploring Falmouth’s shops as much as we do! Don’t forget to pop in and say hello to us at Inspire Makers. You’ll find us at the top of The Old High Street as you head towards Greenbank from town.

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