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Inspire Makers is home to the work of over 50 curated contemporary Cornish artists and makers.


The shop is closed in January for our winter break. Reopening February 2023.


Workshops with Porth Jewellery continue in our class space during January - visit the workshop page to book!

Article Studio

Article Jewellery & Article Glass is the work of resident maker, and Inspire Makers’ owner, Vicki.

Jewellery design has been a growing passion of mine since attending an introductory beading class a few years ago.  Since then I have enjoyed experimenting with a variety of materials and styles under the umbrella of my brand, Article Jewellery.

From my studio at the rear of Inspire Makers I create silver jewellery from precious metal clay.

Silver clay is an environmentally friendly material as it contains reclaimed silver from the waste of industries using silver. It is made of microscopic silver particles combined with water and an organic binder.  Silver clay can be shaped by hand or by using moulds and cutters.  It can also be intricately patterned by pressing a textured surface, or hand carving, into the soft clay.  After drying and hand finishing, the clay is fired in a kiln at high temperature.  This burns away the clay binder and fuses the tiny silver particles together to form a solid silver piece which is then hand polished.

A curious mix of left (analytic) and right (creative) brain results in work which is heavily influenced by geometric shapes and precision, yet organic in feel.  Most of my pieces are unique as the design depends on what inspires me on a making day.  Even if I produce an “identical” piece it will not be quite the same as it may be cut from a different part of the pattern impressed into the clay – meaning each creation is truly individual.

I also work in beads and leather, and my magpie tendencies have recently drawn me to glass fusing.  I have just bought a small glass kiln so watch this space….

photo collage of woman making jewellery in her studio, jewellery tools surrounding her

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