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Article Studio

After 25 years as a retail buyer for large brands, I decided it was time for a change, relocated to Falmouth to pursue a creative life and opened Inspire Makers in June 2020. It’s a fine art juggling my creative practice and running a business which supports so many other makers, and it’s a balance I’m still refining. That being said, I am enjoying slowly developing my own two brands, Article Jewellery & Article Glass.

Article Studio was born from a passion for creativity, crafts and making. I have tried my hand at many disciplines, such as knitting, lampshade making, furniture restoration and more. My grandmother gave me my first sewing machine at age six, sparking a lifelong love of craft and design. There is always something to try your hand at in the creative world, especially in Cornwall.

I sell my own work under Article Studio at Inspire Makers as one of the 60 artists and makers showcased in the shop and online. Working in precious metal clay, Article Jewellery creates silver pieces combining geometric shapes and organic textures for everyday wear, and Article Glass specialises in homeware made from fused glass.

Article Studio Products

Article Jewellery

Jewellery design has been a growing passion of mine, first sparked by attending a beading class years ago. This introduction launched me into the world of jewellery. Since then, I have enjoyed experimenting with various materials and styles under the umbrella of my brand, Article Jewellery, where I create silver jewellery – predominately from a precious metal clay called silver clay.

What is Silver Clay?

Silver clay is an environmentally friendly material as it contains reclaimed silver from the waste of industries using silver. It is made of microscopic silver particles combined with water and an organic binder.  Silver clay can be shaped by hand or by using moulds and cutters.  It can also be intricately patterned by pressing a textured surface, or hand carving, into the soft clay.  After drying and hand finishing, the clay is fired in a kiln at a high temperature. This burns away the clay binder and fuses the tiny silver particles together to form a solid silver piece which is then hand-polished. It’s an incredible process, with the application of heat creating an awe-inspiring chemical reaction.

Handcrafted Geometric Jewellery

A curious mix of my left (analytic) and right (creative) brain results in work which is heavily influenced by geometric shapes and precision, yet organic in feel.  Most of my pieces are unique as I try not to limit myself, and allow myself to be inspired by my surroundings and mood at the time. Even if I produce an “identical” piece, the nature of the process means it can’t ever be exactly the same, as it may be cut from a different part of the pattern impressed into the clay – meaning each piece of jewellery in my collection is truly unique.

Article Glass

Article Glass began when I took a glass bead-making course, as I was interested in exploring this dimension within my own jewellery. However, I simply couldn’t get the hang of it! Still intrigued by glassmaking, I joined a fusing course and felt much more inspired. Having invested in a glass kiln for my jewellery, I had the facility to experiment with fusing glass to create glass objects such as coasters and dishes. I hugely enjoy exploring both practices, jewellery and glass, and it brings me so much pleasure to hone my skills and create treasured items for customers.

Fused Glass Design

As geometric forms inspire my jewellery designs, they also influence my fused glass pieces. My designs are based on mathematical shapes, with colours inspired by the local Cornish environment, such as fiery orange sunsets, pink-streaked sunrises, stormy blue skies, and sunny aqua seas.

Handcrafted Fused Glass Coasters 

My most popular collection is the nautical alphabet flag coasters, which make wonderful personalised gifts. I offer bespoke word pictures made from miniature fused glass flags and present them in a hand-finished frame. These can be personalised with any word(s) up to 14 letters in total and are usually a boat, house, or place name. No rude words yet!

Colourful glass coasters and plates
square geometric silver necklace on leather strap on pebble

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I commission a bespoke handmade piece from Article Studio?

I would happily make other colour combinations of my fused glass coasters and dishes to match your home. Coasters are £10, small dishes £15 and large dishes £45. I also offer personalised nautical alphabet word pictures, which are £40-£60 depending on the length of the word(s)/the size of the frame.

Silver clay commissions are more challenging due to the shrinkage of the clay – it’s not as precise as sheet metal, so you can never be sure what will come out of the kiln! So I don’t offer those at the moment. If you have a certain style in mind though, please let me know and I will check my collection. 

Do you offer workshops?

Inspire Makers offers a whole host of workshops by local artists and makers, but I’ve been so busy running the programme I have yet to host any! I hope to hold a few workshops of my own in the future, so watch this space.

Do you deliver outside of Cornwall?

Yes, we can deliver all over the UK. Postage charges depend on the parcel’s size and the items’ value; for example, purchasing several silver pieces may require special delivery. Check out our delivery and returns page for more details. Get in touch to enquire, and we’ll pop a postage estimate together for you.

I Would Love To Hear From You!

Please feel free to drop into the Falmouth studio or give me a call if you have any questions. 

Handmade fused glass nautical alphabet box framed word picture saying Falmouth

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