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Table 30 Three Maker Portrait
Table 30 Three Maker Portrait
Chloe Sherwin Of Table 30 Three At Work
Table 30 Three Maker PortraitChloe Sherwin Of Table 30 Three At Work

Chloe Sherwin of Table 30 Three studied Contemporary Craft at Falmouth University before embarking on a career in retail.

Inspired by her late grandfather, Chloe founded her small “side” business in July 2019 making small batch homeware products and one-off pieces of jewellery from Jesmonite, and has recently become a full-time maker. It is named after her grandfather who was born in 1933.

Jesmonite is an eco friendly and sustainable version of resin. Being water based, it is kinder to the environment – acting in the same way as concrete but without the toxins or fumes. It is a durable, hard wearing and very versatile material.

Chloe is always inspired by her surroundings and the love of the environment in which she lives in, so the coast & the ocean feature heavily in her creations. Chloe combines different and complementary materials, resources and methods to each piece to make unique, contemporary, fun but functional items.


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