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Suzanne Langstaff Maker Portrait
Suzanne Langstaff Maker Portrait
Selection Of Raku Ceramic Work By Suzanne Langstaff
Suzanne Langstaff Maker PortraitSelection Of Raku Ceramic Work By Suzanne Langstaff

Suzanne Langstaff returned to education as a mature student which sparked her creative journey. Whilst studying she explored working with many different materials and processes. From the moment she began working with clay she was captivated by the material and has recently completed a BA in Art and Design with Plymouth University.

The work of Suzanne Langstaff focuses on the connection between material and maker. She values traditional skills and this influences the techniques she uses to create her distinctive pottery. Her vessels are inspired by Japanese pottery techniques and their Raku firing process. By combining the four elements, Suzanne Langstaff creates decorative ceramic pieces that are truly unique.

She takes great care and consideration in every piece she creates, analysing the form and surface details to ensure that it is finished to a high standard, transforming the clay through 12 different stages.

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