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Sue Loydell- 'High Water'
Sue Loydell- 'Mellow Sun'
Handmade Collage Seascape Cards With A Square Boarder
Collage Papers By Sue Loydell
Sue Loydell- 'High Water'Sue Loydell- 'Mellow Sun'Handmade Collage Seascape Cards With A Square BoarderCollage Papers By Sue Loydell

Sue Loydell

Sue Loydell is a freelance artist and educator, exhibiting and selling her work across Cornwall and the South West.

Since 2017, Sue has been a member of the City of Lights artistic team, creating large-scale lanterns and artworks for parades and events across Cornwall. Sue also delivers workshops in schools and the community specialising in ‘aspiration-raising’ and well-being.

Her fine art works focus on landscape and the sea, many inspired by time spent walking and observing the landscape near her home by a creek on the Carrick Roads. Her creative process includes mono-printing, collage and experimentation with a variety of mark-making materials which then slowly develop into layered contours and horizons.

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