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Single Fin Collective

The Single Fin Collective is a Falmouth-based studio made up of Chez and Sam, two surfers who love creating surf and ocean-inspired artwork reproduced as giclée prints and greeting cards.

Sam is a surfing addict and is always chasing down vintage surfboards to add to his collection! Chez particularly loves exploring the Cornish coastline and the South West Coast Path, taking inspiration from the stunning views and the wildlife spotted along the way.

Single Fin Collective started working together back in 2016 with a small number of designs, and this has now grown into a successful creative business. They each have a distinctive style to their work, Sam concentrating on the surf-themed designs and Chez naturally gravitating towards sea life themes – but they complement each other well.

Surf Prints

A stunning collection of surf related wall art with a retro twist, these prints work well on their own but also with other prints which can be found in the series. These prints will make a fantastic gift to any surfer, and the simple style is incredibly popular.

Single Fin Collective Artist Portrait

Our Favourite Pieces

Each piece is beautifully handmade and unique, we have selected a few of our favourites to show you.

Sunset Surf Print by Single Fin Collective

Wave Art Print

The wave art print by Single Fin Collective is a mesmerising piece that captures the essence of the ocean in a modern and vibrant way. Using digital design techniques, this giclee art print showcases a stunning illustration of a skilled surfer skillfully manoeuvring along a wave at sunset. The artist’s choice of colours, with shades of teal and orange blending harmoniously, adds a sense of depth and energy to the artwork. This captivating print is a perfect addition to any space, bringing a touch of coastal beauty and the exhilarating spirit of surfing into the room.

Framed print of shark illustrations by Single Fin Collective

Shark Print

The shark art print by Single Fin Collective is a captivating piece that showcases the beauty and diversity of various shark species. Created through meticulous hand-drawn illustrations, the print features a stunning array of sharks, including the majestic Basking Shark, the formidable Great White Shark, the distinctive Hammerhead Shark, the elegant Thresher Shark, and the graceful White Tip Reef Shark. The colour palette and thick, matte textured paper chosen for this artwork consist of soothing shades of teal and aqua blue, further enhancing the composition’s serene and captivating nature. Printed using the giclee process, known for its exceptional quality, the artwork is rendered on archival cotton rag paper with pigment-based inks.


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