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Sarah Sullivan Ceramics

Sarah Sullivan is a potter working from her studio in South Cornwall. She makes batches of stoneware vessels, sometimes thrown – with a smooth clay, and sometimes coil built – with a grogged clay. These are individually hand carved using a small stripping tool, a slow, rhythmic process that is endlessly satisfying. The result is a unique and extremely tactile vessel that looks and feels both modern and ancient.

The pots are finished in a dolomite glaze and a combination of slips and glazes of a colour palette that reflects the local beach where she swims year-round.

Sarah Sullivan is influenced by ancient pottery vessels, studio pottery pioneers, and contemporary throwers through to Japanese and Scandinavian clean lines of the design. She loves modern wood carving, sculpture and vessels.

The carved lines in her pots are representative of the tidal lines, sand and rocks on the Cornish beaches, the geology of the landscape and the history of mark making in clay.

Hand Carved Pots

These exquisitely carved pieces are a true labour of love, crafted with utmost care and attention to detail. Each vessel is skillfully wheel thrown and meticulously hand carved, resulting in a stunning creation that will steal your heart.

Woman holding two white pouring jugs with blue inside

Our Favourite Pieces

Each piece is beautifully handmade and unique, we have selected a few of our favourites to show you.

Three white ceramic pouring jugs with blue inside

Stoneware Carved Jug

These remarkable pieces are meticulously crafted using the age-old technique of wheel throwing and hand carving. The jug is adorned with a stunning white hue tin oxide slip and coated with a clear, opaque glaze, giving it a timeless and elegant appearance. And let’s not forget about the inside! The interior is treated with a luxurious turquoise dolomite glaze, creating a velvety and silky texture that feels divine.

Round Stoneware Carved Vessel

This vessel is ideal for showcasing a delightful posy of wildflowers, adding a touch of natural beauty to any space. The white versions are adorned with a delicate tin oxide slip and a clear, opaque glaze, while the speckled ones feature a captivating iron spangle oxide slip. As if that wasn’t enough, the interior is thoughtfully finished with a turquoise dolomite glaze, boasting a soft and velvety texture that begs to be touched. With Sarah Sullivan’s masterful craftsmanship, this Round Stoneware Carved Vessel is bound to be a treasured centrepiece that effortlessly combines artistry and functionality.


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