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Feather Earrings
Feather Earrings

Saffron & Peach

Combining traditional fly-tying techniques, responsibly sourced feathers, and recycled sterling silver components Paul Peters, the designer behind Saffron & Peach, seeks to express the natural beauty and complexity of feathers in his designs, with every piece of jewellery being an individual statement of creation.

Saffron & Peach is the brainchild of Paul’s background in freshwater biology, a love of all things fly-fishing, a friend’s throw-away comment about earrings and an insatiable need to be a part of, and surrounded by, creation.

Paul has always been creative – and to the continued annoyance of his wife Bex – insists that he does not make a mess, but rather has numerous projects in various states of disarray! Currently his main creative outlet is making feather jewellery, however his favourite past-time is possibly fine art pen and ink drawings. Just before he moved to Cornwall in 2015, and after much trial and error, Paul eventually created his first range of feather earrings. While honing these skills and developing his range of products, Paul continues to push the boundaries of the exacting standards and attention to detail he demands of his work.

Saffron & Peach seeks to be as ethical and responsible as the craft allows and the feathers Paul uses are sourced from pet owners, private bird breeders, and the by-product of wildlife management. To showcase the best of these feathers no dyes or plastics are used – the colours you see are completely natural. Each pair of earrings is simultaneously tied using two separate vices, enabling Paul to create intricate, yet balanced pairs.

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