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Rebecca Rasmussen, aka raz|maker, creates serveware and jewellery using a combination of metals, enhancing the visual interest and aesthetic of each piece. Her pieces are hand formed using a small collection of tools and traditional techniques with a focus on everyday use. Motivated by the beauty of form, function and love of process, her collections reflect a sense of home and belonging, each piece unique; a celebration of objects and their innate beauty.

The organically formed and textured nature of each piece is inspired by the beautiful Cornish surroundings where Rebecca resides. For example, she hand draws the round spoon cups to reflect nature’s circles found in her surroundings such as limpets, lichen patches and honesty seed pods.

Rebecca studied BA Hons Contemporary Crafts in Falmouth. She graduated in 2011 and has remained in the area ever since. After growing up in a very isolated hamlet in North Cornwall, the creativity, people and stunning landscapes of this side of coast continue to inspire her. She makes her work from a studio in an old grist mill in Penryn.

Brass and Recycled Silver Tableware

Rebecca takes great pleasure from the materials and traditional tools that she uses. The tools themselves lend individuality to each piece, for example her steel bench block which is damaged through accidental slips of the hammer create the texture in all of the handles. She feels that this creates a window into the many hours of hammering away and leaving a mark by the maker, a hidden story into how each piece has evolved from a piece made before.

Rivets are a simple yet incredibly intimate way of joining her pieces. Such care and detail goes into each rivet, every one different. She enjoys letting the metal speak for itself through simple, timeless designs.

Woman holding a coffee cup against a stone wall with workshop in background

Our Favourite Pieces

Each piece is beautifully handmade and unique, we have selected a few of our favourites to show you.

Pair of brass salt servers on a grey linen napkin and scalloped copper table by Razmaker

Brass Salad Servers

These gorgeous salad servers are hand formed from brass with eco-silver rivet details. They are lovely to use and to hang as decorative features in your kitchen.

Long handled brass olive scoop in white porcelain and on pink plate with 4 brass olive picks by Razmaker

Everyone needs a brass olive scoop!

This beautiful brass olive scoop is so useful to get those fiddly olives out of the jar and drain the brine. A really lovely centre piece for a nice tapas meal; while the olive picks are a sustainable, reusable alternative to wooden picks.


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