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Porth Jewellery

Porth Jewellery sea glass is collected from beaches, harbours and estuaries in Cornwall and sometimes further afield. Seaglass has been part of the ocean, tumbled, smoothed and changed with time and tide. Every piece is, therefore, completely unique and cannot be replicated.

After many happy hours ‘playing’ in her friends’ silversmith studio, Laura fell in love with making jewellery using the specially selected sea glass from many happy beachcombing trips. Porth Jewellery began in Summer 2018, and she now works from her home studio in Falmouth.

Laura runs workshops at Inspire Makers monthly on how to make stacking rings, charm bangles and sea glass jewellery. Dates for her upcoming classes can be found here.

Sea Glass Jewellery

We are so proud to stock the brilliant Porth Jewellery at Inspire Makers. Laura’s sea glass jewellery is a favourite with our customers and this love for sea glass shows no sign of slowing down. Laura collects her sea glass from beaches, harbours and estuaries in Cornwall, sometimes further afield.

Each piece is recorded, and she notes the location the sea glass was found on her packaging – so you know exactly where it’s come from. Laura works from her home studio and still loves exploring beautiful Cornish beaches for sea glass. Explore our ‘What Is Sea Glass? Why Is Sea Glass Jewellery So Popular?’ to find out more.

Sea glass jewellery collection on display, with dark blue, turquoise and light blue sea glass pieces

Our Favourite Pieces

Each piece is beautifully handmade and unique, we have selected a few of our favourites to show you.

turqouise sea glass ring on wooden worktop

Sea Glass Ring

Imagine the beauty of the ocean captured in delicate jewellery. Each ring is lovingly crafted by the skilled Porth Jewellery, who carefully selects and transforms these little treasures into wearable art. With its smooth, frosted texture, the sea glass comes in a mesmerising array of colours, ranging from calming blues to vibrant greens and even rare hues like soft pinks or rich purples. These rings not only add a touch of elegance to any outfit but also serve as a constant reminder of the wonders of the sea.

Pair of sterling silver cowrie shell stud earrings by Porth Jewellery

Cowrie Silver Jewellery Collection

Much sought after by beachcombers, Laura has created moulds from shells found on Cornish beaches, which she uses to cast fine silver replicas.  The silver shells are then attached to sterling silver ear posts for earrings, accompanied by a matching necklace and bangle.


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