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Pip Barfield

Pip Barfield’s art is inspired by nature and walking in wild places with her lurcher. The colours and textures of hedgerow flowers, beach flotsam and windblown baler twine all influence her mark making and sensory recall. As a printmaker and painter, the blending of inks and paints to create vibrant and poetic interpretations of flowers and abstract landscapes is how she creates a narrative of nature.

Pip is moved by ancient places, often slipping through a thin place and sensing previous ancestors and events that inhabit our landscapes. Much of her work evolves from visiting local beaches and exploring coastal hill forts, collecting feathers and worn fragments of pottery and rusty metal. These found objects inform her images, patterns and textures which appear on paper while making monoprints and etchings.

Pip started her artistic journey after her parents died and she adopted a lurcher for company. This led her to a foundation degree in Leek, followed by a move to Cornwall in 2018 where she studied BA Fine Art at Falmouth. Since graduating in 2022 she has exhibited her work in various galleries across Cornwall. Her etching of Wonwell Beach was accepted by the Mall Gallery for the Royal Society of Marine Artists in 2022.

Botanical Monoprints

Pip Barfield’s Botanical Monoprints encapsulate nature’s fleeting beauty in exquisite detail. Each piece is a testament to Barfield’s keen observation and mastery of her craft. Through her unique monoprinting technique, she captures the delicate intricacies of plant life, from the graceful curves of leaves to the intricate patterns of petals. With every stroke and impression, she invites viewers to immerse themselves in the serene beauty of botanical forms, evoking a sense of connection and appreciation for the world around us.

Colourful painting of pink flowers in a blue vase sitting on a table with stripey background by Pip Barfield

Our Favourite Pieces

Each piece is beautifully handmade and unique, we have selected a few of our favourites to show you.

Framed monoprint of a yellow flowers by Pip Barfield

Daffodils Monoprint

Pip Barfield’s Daffodil Monoprint captures the beauty of springtime blooms with delicate precision. Using the monoprint technique, Barfield employs a single surface to create a unique, one-of-a-kind piece. The vibrant yellow hues of the daffodils pop against the contrasting background, evoking a sense of warmth and renewal. Shop here.

Monoprint of yellow daffodils and pink roses in a vase by Pip Barfield

Daffodils & Roses Monoprint

Pip Barfield’s “Daffodils and Roses Monoprint” captivates with its delicate intertwining of two popular blooms – daffodils and roses. Through her masterful monoprint technique, Barfield brings these flowers to life on the canvas, evoking a sense of timeless beauty and natural grace. The vibrant hues and intricate details of the blooms draw the viewer into a world of tranquil elegance. Shop here.


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