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Michelle Foote

Working on her traditional Leach kick wheel from her garden studio near St Ives, Michelle Foote creates work inspired by her immediate environment with a heavy emphasis on pattern and texture. She lives between the coast and a nature reserve, and often utilises found natural and man-made objects such as pebbles, an old fisherman’s knife, or shells, to influence her designs.

Michelle started making pottery nine years ago after exploring different art forms. She quickly established a love of throwing and realised that she could combine favoured techniques in painting and printmaking onto a 3D surface.

Decorative Stoneware and Porcelain Pottery

Talented artist Michelle is known for her exquisite decorative stoneware and porcelain pottery. Her creations beautifully capture the essence of her surroundings, drawing inspiration from both coastal and rural landscapes. Michelle’s deep connection with nature is evident in her work, as she spends countless hours exploring the area with her husband, and Monty the dog.

During these walks, she finds treasures like mark-making natural tools and striped pebbles, as well as being inspired by the mesmerising beauty of rock pools and expansive vistas. Through her skilled craftsmanship, Michelle aims to convey the spirit of these places in her pottery, employing forms, colours, textures, and patterns that evoke a sense of wonder and a deep connection to the environment.

Selection of ceramic work by Michelle Foote

Our Favourite Pieces

Each piece is beautifully handmade and unique, we have selected a few of our favourites to show you.

White Glazed Ceramic Vase with Deep Blue brush strokes across the vase.

Wavelength Vase

Striking wheel thrown decorative vase made from local stoneware clay, with a blue wave pattern and a gloss glazed finish. The deep blue brush strokes create an intriguing wave pattern that brings this eye-catching vase to life.

Aqua Textured Bottle Vase

Beautiful wheel thrown decorative vases made from local stoneware clay, with slip trailed dots and carved texture. Suggestive of movement, these ceramics are fired with layered blue glazes producing a shimmering effect.


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