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Maggie Cochran

Introducing Maggie Cochran, a distinguished coastal painter whose works resonate with the captivating allure of the sea. With a keen eye for the intricate interplay of light, tide, and sky, Maggie’s artistic journey is an ode to the ever-changing coastal landscapes that inspire her. Maggie loves how the light reflects off the wet sand at low tide, and the sense of history and timelessness created by the ebbing and flowing of the tides. She also enjoys watching the constantly changing sky and sea and bringing a sense of the weather into her paintings.

As a testament to her commitment to sharing her craft, Maggie not only creates in her studio but also imparts her wisdom through painting workshops across Falmouth. Additionally, she curates immersive painting retreats abroad, inviting enthusiasts to join her in capturing the spirit of coastal wonder. Through her art, Maggie Cochran eloquently encapsulates the timelessness of tides, weather, and our profound connection to the coastal panorama.

Coastal and Seascape Cornish Painting

Maggie Cochran’s work is a testament to her dedication to translating the complex beauty of coastal life onto canvas. Her signature seascape paintings are a symphony of colours and textures, a harmonious blend of abstract techniques that captures the essence of her subjects. The whispering waves and the dance of sunlight on wet sands during low tide serve as her inspiration. Maggie’s connection to the sea goes beyond the visual; it delves into the emotional currents that define our relationship with the shoreline. Her artistic prowess, coupled with a Fine Art degree from the University of Chichester and the honour of being crowned Cornwall Life Landscape Painter of the Year in 2016, has established her as a prominent figure in the coastal art scene.

Our Favourite Pieces

Each piece is beautifully handmade and unique, we have selected a few of our favourites to show you.

Original painting in a frame of deep blue stormy skies over rockpools.

Sunlit Seascape Original Painting

The captivating allure of Maggie Cochran’s Sunlit Pools, original painting, is a mesmerising masterpiece that encapsulates the essence of deep blue stormy skies gracefully meeting the tranquil rockpools below. Drawing inspiration from the picturesque coastlines of St Ives and Falmouth, Maggie’s artistic vision captures the beauty of the Cornish coastline. The artwork, skillfully crafted using acrylic on board, finds its perfect harmony within a charming white wood frame.

Idyllic blue seas and coastline with foxgloves popping into view at the bottom of the painting.

Cornish Coastal Prints

Foxgloves by the Shore Small Print is a captivating masterpiece that transports you to idyllic blue seas and a picturesque coastline. In this exquisite artwork, the delicate foxgloves gracefully emerge at the painting’s bottom, adding a touch of vibrant elegance to the serene scene. Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of Maggie Cochran’s vision as you explore the harmonious blend of nature’s elements. This small print is a testament to the artist’s keen eye for detail and her ability to capture the essence of the coastal landscape.


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