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Lynne Speake

Lynne is an artist who loves to explore different disciplines, and her current practice incorporates ceramics and large wearable sculptures (art jewellery). Colour, texture, structure, and pattern, alongside her surrounding environment, directly influence her.

Inspired by the peeling paint, erosion and decay that she finds all around in her everyday life, Lynne’s work predominantly incorporates discarded, repurposed and found objects to show the beauty of the rich textures of decay in what we consume and waste. 

Lynne works with porcelain paper clay to create unique hand-built sculptural forms. This form of clay offers more strength and scope for experimentation than traditional porcelain. She reconnects with her painting practice in her use of stains, oxides and glazes to decorate and embellish the surface of her creations.

Porcelain Paper Clay Plant Pots

Lynne creates porcelain paper clay plant pots, handcrafted to emulate decay, erosion and fragility. She juxtaposes this exploration of decay, with life – as her pots are home to lively cacti.

Paper clay is much stronger than ordinary clay due to the addition of cellulose paper fibres. It is designed for creating impossible shapes as the paper fibres overcome cracking and formation issues. The fibres burn out during firing and, once fired, it becomes lighter than traditional porcelain.

Our Favourite Pieces

Each piece is beautifully handmade and unique, we have selected a few of our favourites to show you.

Large Cacti Pot

Large Cacti Pot

Lynne Speake’s Cacti Pots are meticulously hand-formed and decorated, showcasing her remarkable attention to detail and ability to infuse her creations with a sense of life and vitality. Each form is a testament to Speake’s artistic vision and technical prowess, capturing the essence of nature’s beauty in a vessel that is both delicate and alluring.

Small Plant & Pot

Lynne Speake, a skilled artist and ceramicist, has crafted a remarkable small plant pot using porcelain paper clay. A unique material that combines the delicacy of paper with the strength of clay, lending a distinctive texture to the pot. The pot’s monochrome colours and smooth surface bears subtle hints of Lynne’s artistic touch, revealing a sense of grace and craftsmanship.


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