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Louisa Ellis Maker Portrait
Louisa Ellis Maker Portrait
Porthleven Harbour Wood Block Print By Louisa Ellis
Louisa Ellis Maker PortraitPorthleven Harbour Wood Block Print By Louisa Ellis

Louisa Ellis

Louisa Ellis did an art foundation course at Kingsway Princeton College in London and first became interested in printmaking while studying for a B.Ed. at the University of the Southbank, London where art was her major.

She exhibited her work in Cornwall but quickly realised that she had to take a teaching job to support her young family. After more than 20 years as a primary teacher, Louisa Ellis returned to her dream of becoming a full time printmaker.

She has developed a method which involves drawing directly onto a sheet of plywood and cutting a keyblock from this drawing. Louisa Ellis then prints this onto the reverse side of the plywood and cuts out the sections to be printed in colour. She prints her work using linseed oil based inks and burnishes by hand with a Japanese baran.

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