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Laser Cut Wave Framed Artworks By Lazique
The Whale Laser Cut Art By Lazique
The Fish Laser Cut Art By Lazique
Laser Cut Wave Framed Artworks By LaziqueThe Whale Laser Cut Art By LaziqueThe Fish Laser Cut Art By Lazique


After graduating with a BA Hons Degree in Illustration, Tom of Lazique moved to London where he worked as a Graphic Designer and Freelance Illustrator for a number of years. Finding the constraints of working in a commercial environment too limiting he eventually returned to Cornwall seeking fresh inspiration and a chance to develop his own creative work.

Tom is intrigued by the seemingly mystical ratios, sacred geometries and number sequences found throughout the natural world. On a small scale Lazique artwork is an attempt to express his understanding of these phenomena. The intricate multilayered details in each piece represent cellular structures, flowing energies and the hidden quantum realm which conspires to create the illusion of our physical reality. By using strict geometric principals and mathematical ratios Laziqu attempts to weave these fractal details into larger, more recognisable forms, often choosing subjects that have a mystical or spiritual symbolism.

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