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Laura Drayson

The unpredictable nature and untamed beauty of the historical Cornish coastline is a constant source of inspiration for Laura. Her designs are informed by the textures, colours, shapes and landscape found there and the connections they evoke. Tin mine ruins and footpaths clinging to the clifftops, marks made by the history of industry, weathered surfaces and personal journeys all provide unending inspiration.

Laura works mainly in silver with semi precious gemstones she has hand cut to form. Gemstones allow her to introduce colour into her work using a palette that echoes her coastal inspiration. Designs develop in the making process, each stage crafted by hand. Nothing is identical, no piece is exactly the same. 

Laura studied BA Hons Contemporary Crafts in Falmouth. Graduating with a First Class Degree, she now works in her studio, on the wild north coast of Cornwall. With a background in large installations, she is transferring her skills into creating wearable sculptures, describing her practice as being research into small-format sculpture. This field allows her to push her exploration beyond the limits imposed by classical jewellery by questioning our relationship to tradition, storytelling and connecting landscape and ownership to the wearer.

Contemporary Geometric Jewellery

Laura Drayson’s contemporary geometric jewellery showcases a unique blend of modern design and meticulous craftsmanship. Each piece is thoughtfully designed, drawing inspiration from geometric forms and architectural lines to create striking, minimalist aesthetics. Handcrafted with precision, Drayson’s collections reflect a commitment to quality and sustainability, often incorporating recycled materials. Her jewellery exudes a timeless elegance, making it a perfect choice for those seeking distinctive and contemporary adornments.

silver necklace

Our Favourite Pieces

Each piece is beautifully handmade and unique, we have selected a few of our favourites to show you.

Silver Geometric Necklace

Geometric Silver and Chrysoprase Necklace

Keynvor is the Cornish word for ocean. The turquoise hues of the chrysoprase stones sing of all the dancing light reflecting in the waves, pools of ever-changing colour out in the ocean and immense energy and movement. Standing on the edge of the footpaths looking down at the untameable sea, you witness the relentless reclaiming of the land, boulders clinging to their footing and the vast unstable structures of earth. Thriving on the drama and harsh landscape, its exposed history is the inspiration for this necklace. Shop here.

Silver Geometric Bangle

This geometric sterling silver bangle is a stunning piece of handmade jewellery inspired by the geology and lines found in the footpaths of the North Cornish coastline. Crafted from recycled sterling silver square wire, these unusual five-sided bangles feature unique geometric shapes. Each bangle is different, making it perfect for stacking and creating a distinctive look. Shop here.


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