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Katie and The Jellyfish

Katie and the Jellyfish started by making “jellyfish” at festivals with up-cycled fabrics, Katie saw how they made people smile and decided to fill her world with these unique little creatures! She particularly enjoys creating texture with her hands by rhythmically pinching or gauging the surface of the pots. Katie’s work fuses foliage and texture, inspired by the sea and patterns found in nature, using stoneware and terracotta clay, glazed with vivid turquoises and greens.

Every Jellyfish is made from clay and is completely unique, each one with their own personality. They are extremely easy to look after, making great gifts and look beautiful hanging in the bathroom or kitchen.

Care Instructions for your Handmade Ceramic Jellyfish Air Plant

The air plants will survive without any soil, but will need to be hung in indirect bright light and given a weekly mist with water to keep them happy. They are very forgiving plants and are great for plant novices. We will include a care guide with instructions so you can’t go wrong!

These gorgeous Handmade Ceramic Jellyfish Air Plants can be hung as living decoration to brighten up your space and make great gifts.

Katie and the Jellyfish Maker Portrait

Our Favourite Pieces

Each piece is beautifully handmade and unique, we have selected a few of our favourites to show you.

colourful ceramic jellyfish plant pots, with air plants inside

Ceramic Air Plant Jellyfish

Introducing Katie’s brilliantly playful Ceramic Air Plant Jellyfish.  Made by hand by ceramicist Katie, these innovative air plant holders are beautifully made, and always a conversation starter. They are home to air plants, of which the tentacles peek out of the ceramic and provide a lively adornment to your home. Easy to look after, and bringing nature indoors. Katie’s Jellyfish make for fantastic gifts for the plant and homeware lovers in your life, something small, ethically made, interesting, and green. It ticks all of our boxes.

blue ceramic jellyfish plant pot

Handmade Ceramic Air Plant Hanging Pot

The Handmade Ceramic Air Plant Hanging Pot by Katie and the Jellyfish is a delightful piece of artistry that effortlessly combines beauty and functionality. Crafted with love and attention to detail, these unique hanging pots showcase your air plants in a fun and artistic way. Designed specifically for air plants, it provides a perfect home for these low-maintenance plants, allowing them to thrive while creating a captivating visual display. Each pot is a testament to Katie’s creativity and passion for her craft, making it a cherished addition to any plant lover’s collection.


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