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Circle Lino Print Of Seascpae
Circle Lino Print Of Seascpae
Lino Print Of Waves
Circle Lino Print Of SeascpaeLino Print Of Waves

HC Prints

Having always loved the coast, Helena Cochran of HC Prints made the move to Cornwall in 2018 and have never looked back. She is a keen paddle boarder and swimmer, and a fairly incompetent surfer but she tries!

Growing up with an artist mother, Helena is lucky to have always been around creativity. She went the long way round to becoming an artist herself (via four years of business school amongst other things) but has since exhibited both photography and prints in exhibitions in Cornwall and Hampshire.

Printmaking excites her the most because of the element of surprise – you can never know exactly how a print will turn out, especially when printing by hand. She embraces the accidents and imperfections as they keep each piece unique. After engraving the wood or lino by hand Helena then uses a traditional bamboo baren in lieu of a printing press. HC Prints take inspiration almost entirely from the sea, her favourite colours to print in are Prussian Blue and Turquoise.


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