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Erica Ankers

Erica Ankers is an artist living and working in the South West, taking inspiration from the beauty of nature around her to create modern abstract landscapes and seascapes. She believes a landscape should not reflect a photographic representation of a scene, but instead capture the mood and emotional connection to the place and moment in time.

She works with soft pastels in a unique style that marries soft blurred tones with bold strong marks. Using vibrant colours, loose textural marks and strong compositions drawn from the light, colours and textures found on her explorations of the sea and countryside, Erica creates semi abstract paintings that allow the viewer to make their own interpretation of the image. Evoking feelings and memories, of special times, people or places that ultimately spark a deep connection with the viewer.

Contemporary Oil Pastel Paintings

Contemporary oil pastel paintings by Erica Ankers captivate viewers with their vibrant hues and dynamic compositions. Ankers seamlessly blends traditional techniques with a modern aesthetic, creating works that bridge the gap between classic and contemporary art. Her use of oil pastels allows for a rich and textured surface, enhancing the depth and intensity of her colours.

Each piece reflects Ankers’ mastery of the medium, as she skillfully layers and blends pigments to convey a sense of energy and emotion. The subject matter varies from abstract landscapes to expressive portraits, showcasing Ankers’ versatility and ability to evoke a range of emotions through her art. In the realm of contemporary oil pastel painting, Erica Ankers stands out for her unique style and the emotional resonance of her work.

Framed pastel artwork of Gunwalloe, Cornwall by Erica Ankers

Our Favourite Pieces

Each piece is beautifully handmade and unique, we have selected a few of our favourites to show you.

Framed pastel artwork of the coast by Erica Ankers

Cornish Coves Original Pastel Artwork

This original contemporary pastel painting sits at 49x49cm and is professionally framed in a washed wood frame with white mount and clarity glass. Shop here.

Framed pastel artwork of the coast by Erica Ankers

The Sky Was On Fire Original Pastel Artwork

Beautiful soft pastel artwork in stunning pinks, yellows and greens, looking over a Cornish field under a sunset sky. Pastel is on board, lightly whitewashed wood glazed frame with an off-white mount. Shop here.


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