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Daisy Dunlop

Daisy creates layered pieces of jewellery using precious metals, enamel, precious and semi-precious stones, bio resins and other materials.

She has been running her business for 20 years but making jewellery for much longer. She works from a (beautifully light) studio that she built at home after many years in various warehouses/semi derelict buildings and other spaces where makers find studios.

Daisy explores new techniques wherever she can and her practice has continued to grow and develop over two decades. She used to worry that she would run out of ideas, but never has. She is committed to running her business sustainably in every sense of the word – working harmoniously with her materials, her life and the world around her. Her jewellery is made respectfully and by hand, using recycled metals and building it to last. The work changes year to year, season to season but there are strong themes and motifs running throughout.

Sterling Silver Jewellery with Precious Stones

Daisy is from Cornwall originally but left for a very long time – 10 years of which was spent living and working in America. It was in New York that she first took courses in mould making and jewellery design and developed and sold her first pieces.

In the subsequent years she sold and exhibited nationally and internationally working with layered, collaged resins. She took part in projects, exhibitions and shows with Falmouth University, Nesta, Museum and Libraries archives, The Royal Academy of Art, Creative Kernow, Craft Festival, Leach Potteries, Hidden Art Curated and many more. On having children, she needed to scale back and focus on making the work. She continues to be fascinated by the processes and it brings her great peace. 

Our Favourite Pieces

Each piece is beautifully handmade and unique, we have selected a few of our favourites to show you.

Delicate nature inspired charm necklaces

Daisy’s necklaces feature multiple elements, such as silver “pods”, enamelled rings and other small accents, all textured like nature. They move beautifully together and create constant interest.

Bangles connected to literature

Daisy’s bangles often carry charms stamped with meaningful fragments from literature and poetry related to nature and the sea such as “rolling sands and drift” from As I Ebb’d with the Ocean of Life by Walt Whitman.


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