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Creations from the Yurt

Annie of Creations from the Yurt is an avid lover of nature and has always been fascinated by the different forms and symmetry found within the beautiful wild plants that inhabit our Cornish countryside. Throughout her Cornish childhood she spent endless hours making dens in hedgerows and tree houses in her local oak tree.

All prints are made in Annie’s yurt studio near Falmouth, using plants picked from the surrounding hedgerows. She uses these local plants to create beautiful plant impressions through a process called Cyanotype printing, also known as Blueprinting or sun prints, a traditional photographic process first discovered in 1842.

Cyanotype Botanical Print

Cyanotype Botanical Prints by Creations from the Yurt are a captivating fusion of art and nature. This unique collection combines the ancient cyanotype printing technique with the delicate beauty of botanical elements.

Each print showcases intricate details and vibrant blue tones, adding a touch of ethereal charm to any space. The artist’s meticulous craftsmanship and keen eye for composition result in mesmerising images that bring the outdoors inside. These prints not only celebrate the wonders of the natural world but also serve as a reminder of the artistic possibilities that lie within traditional methods.

plant print with blue background

Our Favourite Pieces

Each piece is beautifully handmade and unique, we have selected a few of our favourites to show you.

Creations from the Yurt - Mimosa original cyanotype botanical print, framed

Mimosa Cyanotype Botanical Print

Using the cyanotype process, Annie has created a unique and intricate image of a mimosa plant, with its feathery leaves and vibrant yellow flowers. The deep blue background adds depth and contrast, bringing the details of the plant to the forefront. This print is visually captivating and evokes a sense of tranquillity and appreciation for the natural world.

Creations from the Yurt - Hydrangea original cyanotype botanical print, framed

Hydrangea Cyanotype Botanical Print

The Hydrangea Cyanotype Botanical Print is a captivating artwork that beautifully captures the delicate beauty of hydrangea flowers. The cyanotype printing technique adds a unique and ethereal quality to the artwork, with its rich blue hues and intricate details. Each petal and leaf is meticulously depicted, showcasing the artist’s keen eye for botanical accuracy. The print exudes a sense of tranquillity and grace, making it a perfect addition to any nature lover’s collection.


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