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Bridie Maddocks

Bridie Maddocks first started pottery at an evening class, and from then on knew she was hooked and wanted to pursue ceramics further. A few years later, she started a two-year apprenticeship with Dartmoor-based potters Nic Collins and Sabine Nemet.

It was during this time she found her love of wood firing. The physical challenges of preparing the materials, chopping and stacking the wood, the heat from the kiln, and the coming together of friends and family to fire it, are part of the enjoyment of her unique process.

After her apprenticeship ended, Bridie Maddocks set up her own workshop on the north coast of Devon and built her wood-fired, down-draught kiln. She now makes her wares just outside of Falmouth, in Penryn, but still fires back in Devon three times a year.

Stoneware Wood Fired Pottery

Bridie’s pieces are wood-fired in a kiln to a temperature of 1280 degrees. Each piece is then glazed and decorated once dry and fired from raw clay, so there is no bisque firing. The pots are fired for around 32 hours, with the kiln heated solely from wood. When the kiln has reached the right temperature, bicarbonate of soda is sprayed in over a 3 to 4 hour period before ending with a soak and final temperature reach. The kiln takes around 3-4 days to cool.

This intricate process of wood firing results in each piece having a unique appearance, lending character, personality and individuality. Bridie’s work is intended to be treasured but also to be used and enjoyed in your daily rituals.

Bridie Maddocks wood firing her pottery

Our Favourite Pieces

Each piece is beautifully handmade and unique, we have selected a few of our favourites to show you.

Stoneware mug

Stoneware Mug

Picture yourself savouring your morning coffee with one of these beautifully handcrafted wood-fired stoneware mugs, an exquisite form that effortlessly blends beauty and functionality. Crafted with care and passion, this mug is a testament to the skill and dedication of its maker. The wood-firing technique infuses the mug with a distinct character, creating unique variations in colour and texture.

Stoneware large bottle in light and dark ceramics

Stoneware Large Bottle Vase

These unique stoneware bottle vases are wheel-thrown and wood-fired with a soda glaze, creating various patterns and colours. Meticulously shaped by the skilled hands of artisan Bridie, this vessel stands tall with grace and elegance, capturing the essence of organic forms found in the wilderness. The process of wood firing results in each piece having a unique appearance and individual character.


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