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Bex Bourne

Despite her mother’s suggestions earlier in life to become a plumber (everyone needs a plumber), Bex is living and working as an artist / illustrator / writer based near Falmouth, Cornwall, at Trevone Quarry – a disused granite quarry. Tucked away about the land there are workshops and studios of various artists and craftspeople – a blacksmiths forge, rum distillery, a sculptor, fine art painter, and recording studio being just some.

Bex’s surroundings heavily influence her artwork. When she is not sat working at her desk, she’ll admire her wonderful chickens (such characters!), contemplate the need to acquire some studio ducks to help with slug control in the veg garden, sniff and pick some sweet peas, have a chat with someone passing on the bridleway…the slow pottering of a country place. Patchwork fields, golden bales, ancient paths turned to tunnels by trees, mud (not too deep please), hooting of owls at night. The turquoise triangle of sea getting wider as we walk forwards, dry rusty bracken, tumbledown granite farm buildings. Folks having a nice time, greeting each other on footpaths, picnicking, going for a surf…

Gouache & Watercolour Collages Telling Stories About Living in Cornwall

Bex Bourne’s collages are a vibrant celebration of life and imagination. Through a whimsical blend of collage, gouache, watercolour, and colouring pencil, she brings her surroundings to life with a playful charm. Each piece is a delightful tapestry of colours, textures, and intricate details, inviting viewers on a journey through her rural life in Cornwall. From whimsical chickens to patchwork fields and tumbledown farm buildings, Bex’s illustrations capture the essence of countryside living with a joyful spirit. Her fun and illustrative collages not only reflect her daily experiences but also transport audiences to a world where every moment is brimming with possibility and wonder.

Our Favourite Pieces

Each piece is beautifully handmade and unique, we have selected a few of our favourites to show you.

Mixed Media Collage

You see something different every time you scan the amazing detail in this miniature box frame of Cornish life. Surfboards, tiny pebbles, sanderlings and a sunset just some of the intricate drawings painstakingly cut and mounted in little snapshots.

Cornish Wild Swimming Collage

Bex perfectly captures the joy of swimming and picnicking on a summer’s day on a hidden beach in Cornwall with a glorious view. This hand-illustrated collage is beautifully displayed in a wooden frame.


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