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Inspire Makers is home to the work of over 50 curated contemporary Cornish artists and makers.


Current Exhibition: Victoria Pond  - Tuesday 29 November to Saturday 24 December.

Shore Fired Pottery Maker Portrait
Shore Fired Pottery Maker Portrait
Shored Fired Pottery At The Wheel
Atlantic Range By Shore Fired Pottery
Shore Fired Pottery Maker PortraitShored Fired Pottery At The WheelAtlantic Range By Shore Fired Pottery

Shore Fired Pottery

Having discovered her passion for ceramics only three years ago and with no formal training, Shore Fired Pottery was born after Rebecca quit her day job in search of a more rewarding and fulfilling existence.

The unique pieces of Shore Fired Pottery draw on her passion for the Cornish coastline as inspiration. The glazes are often a bright azure and other times a more monotone palette, reflecting the natural contrasts that Cornwall brings. Every splash of glaze is as individual as the sea itself and no two pieces are ever the same.

Shore Fired Pottery tries to employ as eco-conscious ethos as possible at home and in the business. You will often find Rebecca on the North Cornish beaches, combing for litter with her faithful black Lab. In the studio Shore Fired Pottery recycles every scrap of clay, turning it into a new creation, and uses eco and recycled packaging.



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