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Inspire Makers is home to the work of over 50 curated contemporary Cornish artists and makers.


Current Exhibition: Victoria Pond  - Tuesday 29 November to Saturday 24 December.

Sarah Hertzog Maker Portrait
Sarah Hertzog Maker Portrait
Coastal Photograph By Sarah Hertzog
Sarah Hertzog Maker PortraitCoastal Photograph By Sarah Hertzog

Sarah Hertzog

Sarah Hertzog’s lifelong passion for photography has been reignited by her love of exploring Cornwall, which she is proud to call home. The inspirational landscapes and history make for great images and she enjoys altering images to create a more unusual capture of the familiar.

Since 2018 Sarah has collaborated with organisations to preserve the beauty of Cornwall for tomorrow. Whether it be working together to increase their library of images, or enabling them to increase their fundraising, or undertaking volunteering, Sarah is dedicated to ensuring our beautiful environment is protected.



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