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Inspire Makers is home to the work of over 50 curated contemporary Cornish artists and makers.

Exhibiting now in the gallery space "Views From The Footpath", original gum and ink paintings by Allison Marshall - until Saturday 9 October.

Full Autumn/Winter 2021 workshop schedule now available for booking!

White Pearl Earrings By Sarah De Larrinaga
White Pearl Earrings By Sarah De Larrinaga
White Pearl Earrings By Sarah De Larrinaga

Sarah De Larrinaga

Two chance encounters led Sarah De Larrinaga on her creative path. Twenty years ago, attempting to escape horizontal sleet, she ducked into a random shop. A bead shop, as it turned out, which began her jewellery making journey working mainly with wire wrapping and silver clay.

Then, 10 years ago she was introduced to a family of gemstone cutters in Jaipur, India which led to a fascination with gemstones and a relationship that still exists. The brothers, now joined by their sons, specialise in cutting only top-quality stones so as well as missing out all the middle men to get the best quality at an affordable price, Sarah De Larrinaga is supporting another small business like her own.

Her surname originates from the Basque country and rhymes with lime and lager – not very romantic, but accurate!



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