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FORM ART FESTIVAL IS THIS WEEKEND! See Debs Martin Paper Cut Art Demonstration Sat 1 October 11am to 1pm.

Current Exhibition: Debbie Martin "Navigating the Coast" - Tues 27 September to Sat 15 October.

Inspire Makers is home to the work of over 50 curated contemporary Cornish artists and makers.

Potting In Penryn Maker Portrait
Potting In Penryn Maker Portrait
Pair Of Small Ceramic Bowls Handcrafted By Potting In Penryn
Potting In Penryn Maker PortraitPair Of Small Ceramic Bowls Handcrafted By Potting In Penryn

Potting in Penryn

Making with clay captured Lisa’s imagination from an early age due to its texture and versatility, as a ball of clay represents so many possibilities. She likes the challenge that throwing pots generates and the therapeutic headspace you enter as the physical process commands your full attention.

Lisa mostly makes functional pots that are simple in form, sometimes altered, but that offer a uniqueness in the way glazes and oxides combine to create colour and texture. Lisa sees her relationship with clay as an endless experiment with highs and lows but always learning.

Literally “Potting in Penryn”, Lisa takes inspiration from nature and draws on experience gained during her career in wildlife and conservation. Her aim is to create pots that are both tactile and aesthetically pleasing.



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