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Inspire Makers is home to the work of over 50 curated contemporary Cornish artists and makers.


The shop is closed in January for our winter break. Reopening February 2023.


Workshops with Porth Jewellery continue in our class space during January - visit the workshop page to book!

Lowenna Designs - Artist Portrait
Lowenna Designs - Artist Portrait
Lowenna Designs Sketching On The Beach
Lowenna Designs Beachcombing Finds
Close Up Of Lowenna Designs Watercolour Shells
Close Up Of Lowenna Designs Watercolour Shells
Lowenna Designs - Artist PortraitLowenna Designs Sketching On The BeachLowenna Designs Beachcombing FindsClose Up Of Lowenna Designs Watercolour ShellsClose Up Of Lowenna Designs Watercolour Shells

Lowenna Designs

The Cornish Beachcombers Handbook by Lowenna Designs was born out of a passion to explore the Cornish seaside and hunt for incredible treasures, while documenting all of the findings along the way.  Ever since Lowenna was a child she has been obsessed with the sea, and always drawn her painting inspiration from this. She has been painting for fun ever since she was younger, but since leaving university after studying Fashion it was something she felt she needed to pursue further in life.

Whilst travelling in New Zealand Lowenna rediscovered her love for beachcombing when she found paua shells along the different beaches, and was mesmerised by the bright and metallic colours in them. So she started a shell study series to capture in paint the colourful details of each shell she discovered. Once she moved back to Cornwall it felt natural to continue this element to her art started the Cornish Beachcombers Handbook.

Lowenna goes on beachcombing trips all over Cornwall to gather inspiration for each painting, so each piece is inspired by the shells and sea glass she finds from that particular trip. Each work is special to that beach and that place in time, highlighting the ever-changing nature of our marine life. Lowenna Designs not only shows the beauty of our micro-marine life, but the diversity of our coastlines in Cornwall, and helps educate on how much there truly is to see.



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