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Our Guide To Gorgeous Handcrafted And Handmade Cornish Gifts

Buying gifts can be tricky, especially in an age where we’re more aware of shopping well – seeking out affordable items that have been made ethically and will last a long time. It is the thought that counts, but we also want to give presents that will be loved and cherished. With a strong connection to Cornwall, we champion Cornish artists and makers and have a wide variety of unique Cornish gifts. If you’re looking for Cornish gift ideas, look no further!

We see many people come into our Falmouth shop, Inspire Makers, looking for gifts for loved ones. Sometimes they’d rather treat themselves (why not!), sometimes they need a helping hand, and sometimes they have something very specific in mind. We stock the work of over 60 artists, makers and craftspeople, and have become regulars in offering successful gifting advice. We may be biased, but beautiful pieces handmade with love by talented makers are a perfect gift and have a story to tell. Here’s our guide to handcrafted Cornish gifts:

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The Best Handmade Cornish Gifts For Loved Ones

Potting In Penryn

Is anyone else’s ceramics obsession growing? Handmade ceramics are a wonderful gift, small and thoughtful. Ceramics are versatile, as these beautiful vessels can be used for a multitude of things. Whether holding fresh flowers, hot chocolate or becoming the key bowl, these tactile objects are a lovely addition to our homes. Local ceramicist Lisa Rennocks, the hands behind Potting in Penryn, offers a captivating collection. We have various items, including vases, coffee beakers, bowls, matchstick pots and more. Lisa takes her inspiration from nature and draws on her experiences from her career in wildlife and conservation. Enjoying the versatility of clay and experimenting with glazes, her ceramics are expressive in finish and functional in their purpose.

Handcrafted Cornish Stoneware Vase with Bright Yellow Glaze

Yellow Vase by Potting in Penryn £26

Stoneware Bowl with Turquoise and Navy Blue Glaze

Bright Blue Large Bowl by Potting in Penryn £50

Wild Origin

Victoria, the designer, and maker behind Wild Origin creates minimalist leather goods right here in Cornwall. Drawn to leather for its durability, tactility and versatility, Victoria sources from ethical tanneries and uses vegetable-tanned leathers. Vegetable-tanned leather uses natural dyes, instead of the chemical-intensive process that most commercial leathers use. With a range including handbags, wallets, and keyrings, each piece is made by Victoria herself, with extraordinary attention to detail. Her unisex designs are loved by many, and the leather ages beautifully with wear. A new wallet for those whose loose change is found all over the house? A Wild Origin gift is a special gift from Cornwall and will last a lifetime.

Wild Origin leather card holders

Leather Wallet by Wild Origin £30

Navy leather cross body bag handcrafted by Wild Origin

Leather Cross Body Bag by Wild Origin £45

Single Fin Collective

Single Fin Collective is made up of the Falmouth-based duo Chez and Sam. The two surfers are immersed in the Cornish landscape, taking in plenty of inspiration from their love of the outdoors. Their outlet for all they see and experience is design, from illustration to screen printing to graphic design. From cards to prints, each piece is a calming work of art. The clean, minimal aesthetic is perfect for the style-conscious person in your life, with the colours and sleek designs bringing a space to life.

Framed contemporary illustration print of sunset and three waves by Single Fin Collective

Four Waves Art Print by Single Fin Collective £20

Framed print of shark illustrations by Single Fin Collective

Shark Species Art Print by Single Fin Collective £20

Lino Lord Press

We are so pleased to stock the work of Mark Lord, a proud Cornishman and sought-after printmaker. Also known as Lino Lord Press, his handprinted lino prints are inspired by our beautiful Cornish coastline and countryside, with a retro-chic twist. Using time-honoured techniques, Mark depicts natural and iconic imagery, from wildlife to record players, to a Stargazy Pie! Although inspired by a wide range of subjects, his style is incredibly recognisable and popular. Most of the Lino Lord Press prints are limited editions, of only 25 or 50. His down-to-earth prints are bold and comforting, making a house feel like a home.

Navy and white lino print of boats tied up in a harbour

Rowing Boats St Mawes by Lino Lord Press £30

navy and white lino print of cornish pasty on a plate

Homemade Pasty and Pickles by Lino Lord Press £30

Frances Spice

Frances is a talented ceramicist based in Cornwall, where she works from a small summer house in her garden. She fell in love with clay after working as an apprentice with a Somerset potter. Her work is slab built and hand modelled, decorated with a subtle colour palette, sticking to three or four colours at a time. Delicate lace and embossed wallpaper is often impressed onto the surface of the clay to create beautifully textured marks.

Porcelain vase with gold handles and pink surface pattern

Vase with Gold Handles by Frances Spice £85

Pair of porcelain jugs with colourful glaze inners and gold handles by Frances Spice

Medium Jug by Frances Spice £54

Cornish Gifts for Valentine’s Day and Anniversaries

Looking to celebrate love with a handmade Cornish gift? When it comes to Valentine’s Day and anniversary gifting we’ve got you covered. With jewellery, ceramics, homewares, artwork and more – Inspire Makers has thoughtful gifting to suit all budgets.

Handcrafted elm wood small bowl finished with turquoise paint by The Hide Studio

#772 Cornish Elm Small Prayer Bowl by The Hide Studio £28

Abstract square acrylic painting of the view of the sea across the bay by Maggie Cochran in a black frame

Across the Bay II by Maggie Cochran £150

Handmade Jewellery Made in Cornwall

Choosing and gifting jewellery feels personal, and it is incredibly special to receive. It doesn’t have to break the bank by any means, the thought of gifting something personal is what counts. We have a lovely range of prices and styles of Cornish jewellery in Inspire Makers, with something for everyone.

Silver Sapling

Ben Miles and Lucy Gerrard are the designers and makers behind Silver Sapling Jewellery. Their love of exploring Cornwall seeps into their designs, which often reference textures and forms found in nature. From succulents to the iconic agapanthus, they are mesmerised by the beauty we have surrounding us. The intricate detail of each piece is awe-inspiring, and for those who feel intrinsically connected to Cornwall, this jewellery is a very special reminder of this county. Working from their home studio in Penwith, their jewellery is inspired by, designed, and handmade in Cornwall.

handmade silver ring
silver hooped bracelet on womans hand

Rach Richardson

Rach Richardson is a self-taught ceramicist, handcrafting feather-light porcelain jewellery from her studio in South East Cornwall. Rach’s handmade porcelain jewellery is a testament to the skill that goes into every piece, and her jewellery is a favourite in Inspire Makers. It’s a slow process as she hand models and fires porcelain, before creating her stunning, aesthetically minimal jewellery from it.

Porcelain Spiral Shell pendant on silver chain handmade by Rach Richardson

Spiral Shell Pendant by Rach Richardson £34

Porcelain mini scallop shell studs handmade by Rach Richardson

Scallop Shell Stud Earrings by Rach Richardson £32

C Jane Jewellery

Designed and made by Jane in the Southwest, her jewellery collections are inspired by the countryside and the sea. Constantly collecting and taking photographs of leaves, feathers, shells and stones, each piece is a love letter to the landscape that surrounds her. Often made from sterling silver, with added copper or bronze to enhance the texture and finish, Jane’s jewellery is a great choice for those who prefer jewellery which is more delicate and subtle in appearance. Look closely and you’ll marvel at the skill on display and the nods to shapes we see in our landscape.

handmade silver earrings and bangles laying on slate rock
handmade silver bangles and earrings on Cornish slate

Porth Jewellery

We’ve become especially close to Laura, the face and hands behind Porth Jewellery, as she runs workshops at Inspire Makers, as well as being stocked by us. Laura’s pieces from her sea glass collections are a hugely popular Cornish gift idea, as they are a reminder of the Cornish rhythms. Seaglass is glass that has been deposited in the ocean and tumbled and smoothed with tide and time. After collecting sea glass on her coastal walks, Laura then polishes it and creates stunning unique jewellery, each one is one of a kind. We also stock a range of jewellery by Porth Jewellery separate from her sea glass, which consists of beautiful silver and gold pieces.

Silver Heart Necklace

Heart Necklace by Porth Jewellery £35

Silver Bangle with bottle green sea glass pendant

Seaglass Bangle (Green – Gyllyngvase) by Porth Jewellery £110

Sarah de Larringa

Sarah creates silver and gemstone jewellery handmade in Cornwall, working with precious and semi-precious gemstones, freshwater pearls and sterling and fine silver. Whilst using high-quality materials, Sarah is passionate about keeping her prices affordable and is a great choice for gifting jewellery. From her home studio overlooking Mount’s Bay in Cornwall, each piece is made by Sarah and inspired by the coast. You can find Sarah’s jewellery alongside collections by all the makers in this blog in our Falmouth shop, Inspire Makers.

handmade necklace
handmade pendant necklaces

TG Jewellery

Italian born Tamara Gervasio of TG Jewellery specialises as a wax carver and goldsmith designer.She has collaborated with many other goldsmiths and fashion designers such as Paul Smith and Vivienne Westwood.

Tamara’s focus is lost wax and all her pieces are hand-carved from a block of wax, using artisan tools that allow precise details for carving. TG Jewellery pieces are based on the principles of repeated regular and irregular patterns,  organic forms of the nature that surrounds us, and geometric shapes combined with soft lines.Tamara now lives near Falmouth and, after a career break, is starting to rediscover her love of jewellery making.

Silver ring for men

Abyss Ring by TG Jewellery £80

Fidget ring

Spinner Ring with Brass by TG Jewellery £70

Give The Gift Of A Cornish Workshop Experience

What do you give the person who has everything, or the person who prefers adventure? Gifting a workshop experience and encouraging someone to learn new skills is a fantastically memorable present. It can be a shared experience between the two of you or give your loved one the gift of time away to tap into their creativity. At Inspire Makers we have a dedicated workshop space, and regularly invite artists and craftspeople to teach their practice from here. You can make your own jewellery, learn how to paint watercolour scenes, make rubber stamps for your business and much more… Our small and friendly workshops in Falmouth are a relaxed way to meet new people and introduce someone to a new hobby, complete with plenty of tea and biscuits. Explore our workshops.

women working on a jewellery workshop bench

Gift vouchers can also be used on items in the shop, so there is plenty of opportunity for the recipient to find something they love with your thoughtful gift voucher!

handmade ceramics, pots and artisan crafts in shop display

Inspire Makers’ Gifts From Falmouth

There you have it! Just a small selection of the many Cornish gift ideas we have. Each and every item in Inspire Makers is made by a talented artist or craftsperson, so you can feel delighted that your purchase for a special someone has also made it possible for a creative person to keep doing what they love.

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