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Mixed Media Collage By Sue Loydell
Mixed Media Collage By Sue Loydell
Mixed Media Collage By Sue Loydell
Mixed Media Collage By Sue LoydellMixed Media Collage By Sue Loydell

Sue Loydell

Sue Loydell is a freelance artist and educator, exhibiting and selling her work across Cornwall and the South West.

Her fine art work focuses on landscape and the sea, using layers of texture and colour in response to the rapidly changing weather and seasons of Cornwall. Many of the pieces derive from time spent walking and observing the landscape near her home by a creek on the Carrick Roads. Her creative process includes mono-printing, collage and experimentation with a variety of mark-making materials which then slowly develop into semi-abstract layered contours and horizons. Sue is interested in the relationship between colour and movement and how these change at different times of the day or season.

Since 2017, Sue Loydell has been a member of artist the City of Lights artistic team, creating large-scale lanterns and artworks for parades and events across Cornwall. Sue also delivers workshops in schools and the community specialising in ‘aspiration-raising’ and well-being, working with a wide variety of organisations. Sue is a founding member of The 5 Artists’ Collective established in 2018.

Sue sells her smaller work at Inspire Makers however this exhibition is a chance to show larger and more complex pieces.

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