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Rosemary King – Extra Texture

Rosemary King grew up in the Norfolk countryside and her love for photography began at a young age, when she was gifted an Olympus OM-1 by her father.

Rosemary studied photography at Norwich College, continuing her studies to earn a degree at the University of Northampton. During this time she developed her skills for analogue photography, strengthening her understanding of the processes and developing her own style.

Rosemary shoots all of her work using analogue equipment, all her images are developed and printed by hand in her darkroom at her home in St Austell.

“There are so many factors to consider when shooting with film, my preference is to shoot in black and white, I feel this emphasizes the shapes, tones and forms of the subject matter, and allows for more control over light, shadow and grain. in the darkroom.”

Rosemary’s work is an abstract, emotive view of the beauty of natural forms.

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