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Inspire Makers is home to the work of over 50 curated contemporary Cornish artists and makers.

Current Exhibition: Victoria Pond  - Tuesday 29 November to Saturday 24 December.

Open 7 days a week until Christmas Eve.

Painting Of Doctor's Dry Engine House By Katie Sims
Painting Of Doctor's Dry Engine House By Katie Sims
Painting Of Peevor Engine House By Katie Sims
Painting Of Doctor's Dry Engine House By Katie SimsPainting Of Peevor Engine House By Katie Sims

Katie Sims – Prospecting

Katie Sims is an artist and art teacher, based in the Redruth area. Katie is relatively new to Cornwall, having relocated from Wiltshire in 2020 to pursue her teaching and art career in a location full of inspiring Cornish landscapes and seascapes.

As soon as Katie relocated to Cornwall, she was instantly inspired by one engine house located 30 meters from her front door. Katie studied this engine house through photography, drawing and acrylic paint portrayed in all weathers at day and at night. After studying the engine house, Katie felt most inspired on New Year’s Day 2021, when the sun rose upon the engine house on a snowy morning. This painting is entitled ‘Doctor’s Dry’ and will be available to view at Katie’s first upcoming solo exhibit at Inspire Makers. ‘Doctor’s Dry’ was approached with a bright pink wash applied to the canvas, to portray the richness of the sunrise and hints of gold acrylic paint, representing the glorious warm glow.

Shortly after completing ‘Doctor’s Dry’, Katie submitted the painting to Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year competition, to which Katie was shortlisted and appeared on the TV show in early January 2022 as a ‘Wild Card’ artist. For an artist who has only been painting landscapes seriously for just over a year, a lot of recognition and opportunities have stemmed from her love of portraying Cornish heritage through painting. Katie continues to be inspired by engine houses across West Cornwall and aims to capture the lasting impression mining has left on the Cornish landscape.

Instagram: @katiesimsart

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