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Photo Of Artist Audrey Kellow
Photo Of Artist Audrey Kellow

Audrey Kellow – My Cornish Colours

Originally from near Helston in Cornwall, Audrey was first inspired to paint in oils at school in the mid 1960’s. It was also her first introduction to strong colour and shape, which still forms the essence of her work.

Audrey returned to education during the 1990’s as an adult student, and completed an OND and HND in Illustration and Design at Falmouth University, Falmouth, Cornwall. After this she gained a Teaching Certificate and Cert Ed, and tutored adult education classes for local colleges and private classes for several years.

Audreys’ original home area of ‘Greatwork’  a small mining hamlet in West Cornwall, sits between the Tregonning and Godolphin hills from the tops of which both coasts can be seen. Her work has a narrative background, sometimes being merely the ‘feel’ of a place and sometimes part of a personal childhood story. The colours used reflect the strong emotional bond she has with the far West of Cornwall and natures patterns. Her colours have recently become more vivid, reflecting reactions with nature  during lockdowns. Her work is primarily in oils on paper, canvas or board.

Over a period of time Audrey has worked on several commissions for private clients, for brochures for a local college, and for Hyperion records. More recently she has focused on producing fine art for galleries, and has sold paintings both at home and internationally. Audrey has exhibited at various venues and galleries in Cornwall and Devon, more recently invited to be part of ‘Cornish Perspectives’ at The Thompson’s Gallery near Marble Arch in London.

Audrey has lived in different places over the years, but now lives in Helston.

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