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Handmade Cornish Gift Guide For Father’s Day 2024

The father figures in our lives are notoriously tricky to buy for, but over the years we’ve discovered the knack for gifting for men. Believe it or not, there are plenty of alternative options to the mass-produced ‘dad’ gifts, which are often a little gimmicky and a bit naff!

Why not treat your father to a thoughtful gift, made beautifully, that won’t break the bank? Look no further. At Inspire Makers we have a selection of gifts for him, made in Cornwall by artisans who have honed their craft to an incredibly high standard.

Whether you’re shopping for luxury gifts for men, or just want a small and affordable gift to show your love, our selection caters for a range of budgets, without scrimping on the quality.

Why Choose Handmade Cornish Gifts For Father’s Day?

Sometimes, the word ‘handmade’ can feel a little twee and crafty. But it should not be mistaken for ‘homemade’. Our handmade homewares, jewellery, artworks, and more are crafted using artisan techniques and processes that have taken our makers years to refine. Our creatives often pay homage to traditional techniques while putting their contemporary stamp on them.

By choosing Cornish gifts, you’ll be keeping these traditional practices alive and supporting today’s makers who are carrying the torch. 

If you’re passionate about shopping more considerately, and making your money matter – Cornish gifts are a great way to tick that box. With very few air miles, an emphasis on natural and non-plastic materials, and an appreciation for the environment, your gift will have had a far less negative impact than most.

But if it’s just style you’re after, Cornish gifts excel here too… Creativity in Cornwall is in a league of its own – with artists and makers here inspired by the dynamic landscape around them. Our location at the tip of Southwest England is remote, and has led to a community of makers who have found total freedom in their inspiration and processes. By carving their own creative pathways and shunning fast trends, Cornish makers create items which are truly unique and timeless. This allows for a special variety of products, unlike anything seen before.

Each gift comes with a story, and knowledge of the hands behind it, and trust us – Dad’s love a story!

Top 10 Handmade Cornish Gifts for Him

1. Handcrafted Cornish Leather Wallets

 A high quality leather wallet is a thing of beauty. The way they gently wear and soften over many years, and the comforting but solid weight in your hand or pocket. Wallets are part of our everyday life, and by elevating to well made, long lasting wallets for our daily rituals, we bring a little more joy into each day. 

Our leather wallets are made from oiled leather, which gently distresses with use. Complete with an antique brass metal rivet and popper closure, the wallet is created from one piece of folded leather and will hold two cards in the front, and up to five more in the main section. 

Why not pop a photo of you and your dad in there for a thoughtful surprise?

 2. Cornish Jewellery for Men

Gifting men’s jewellery for Father’s Day is a great idea, especially for the dad who has everything! Jewellery is small, versatile, and timeless. We all love receiving jewellery, as it’s a personal gift, and it acts as a physical reminder of the relationships we have. Jewellery is one of the most sentimental gifts for men, especially because it’s been traditionally more of a gift for women. 

The pieces from our men’s jewellery collection are made from sterling silver, created by the lost wax process. Created by jeweller Tamara here in Cornwall, she carves a design into a block of wax, using artisan tools that allow for intricate details. Her jewellery is then cast in sterling silver, for durable, precious metal jewellery that’ll last a lifetime.

3. Handmade Chocolates from Chocolarder

Cornwall is home to lots of wonderful small businesses, and we support many of them! Our favourite go-to for a luxury sweet treat is Chocolarder, based just down the road in Falmouth. Chocolarder is a small ethical, bean-to-bar craft chocolate maker, and the only bean-to-bar chocolate maker in Cornwall! There are just a handful in the UK. 

Their chocolates are not only DELICIOUS, but they have a positive impact. Chocolarder are proud to use no palm oil, no emulsifiers, and slavery free ingredients, while supporting reforestation around the globe. 

From chocolate bars, to truffles, nuts, and drinking chocolates, there is always something lovely for the chocolate lover in your life. He’ll love that they’re made right here in Cornwall too. 

Chocolarder bars

Chocolarder Bars

truffles in card box

Chocolarder Truffles

4. Cornish Pottery and Ceramic Mugs

Cornish pottery has a world-renowned reputation, and is home to many different branches of pottery. From the Leach Pottery, to the thick blue and white stripes of Cornishware – many of our heritage ceramics are instantly recognisable. 

Today, there are many Cornish ceramicists carving their own paths in pottery – respecting the legacy of Cornish pottery, while striving to create newness and push their creative boundaries. 

Gifting ceramics for Father’s Day is a great option, as it makes those everyday rituals more enjoyable. Morning coffee in a beautiful Cornish mug? Topping up a cool, exquisitely made water jug? Ceramics are functional artwork, and surrounding ourselves with these objects makes us very happy. 

5. Handmade Print

 A handmade print is a ray of sunshine in your home. Not only does the artwork draw you in, but the knowledge of the handmade printing processes to create the artwork is all the more impressive. 

A woodcut print is a traditional printmaking technique that involves carving an image or design onto a block of wood. By carving out negative areas, the raised surfaces come into contact with the ink, which is then pressed onto paper or canvas. This creative process dates back centuries, and continues to be explored today. 

Perhaps you love walking and wildlife spotting with your dad? These woodcut prints made in Cornwall are a perfect way to remember those days fondly. 

6. Wooden Bowl

These beautiful organically shaped wooden bowls are made on the north coast of Cornwall, from trees which have fallen naturally, or been felled as part of regeneration. A gorgeous blend of nature and craftsmanship, with a tick for functionality, these wooden bowls make for a perfect Father’s day gift. 

All bowls are made to withstand regular use, and have been coated with linseed oil to nourish and protect the wood. Fabulous fruit bowls, cheese bowls, nut bowls – ‘good for anything bowls’! 

7. Cacti Pot

Talking of bowls, why not opt for a bowl that homes a cacti? Niche – yes, great gift – also yes!

These Cornish cacti pots are made from porcelain paper clay, which is much stronger than ordinary clay due to the cellulose fibres. These particular fibres help the forms to avoid cracking, and actually burn out during firing leaving behind a vessel which is lighter than traditional porcelain, achieving fantastic shapes. 

Each cacti pot comes with its own cactus. Low fuss to look after, and great to watch it grow. 

8. Surfer Photographic Print

Is your dad a pro on the waves? We have a wonderful surfing photographic print that is a great gift for surfer dads! We love this silhouette of a surfer and the green and blue colour palette. This surfer print is a little more creative and enchanting than most, and it’s a favourite in the shop. It was made here in Cornwall. 

9. Yallah Coffee

Yallah Coffee has become a well known name here in Cornwall, coffee aficionados have nothing but praise for them, which is no small feat in the saturated market of artisan coffee! 

Yallah roast single-origin coffee from their barn in Cornwall, and take huge efforts to promote social, economic and environmental prosperity, while minimising the impact of their company. 

They also create blooming great coffee! Cornish coffee for Father’s Day is a gift that’ll go down very well with the coffee-lover in your life – why not choose one of their most unusual blends for the special occasion?

Head to their website to browse their fantastic coffees.

Coffee bag
coffee bag

10. Circular & Co Reusable Cup 

 If you’re looking for a brilliantly sustainable gift for Father’s Day, we recommend Circular & Co. They use waste materials to make new products, which are then fully recyclable. This closed-loop system significantly reduces CO2 emissions, stops the consumption of the planet’s precious resources, and eliminates pollution. 

coffee cup

There we have it! Our top ten Cornish gifts for men. If you’re feeling inspired but can’t quite spot what you’re after, get in touch, and we’ll help you find the perfect Cornish gift for Father’s Day.

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