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Our Guide to Buying Cornish Seascape Artwork, Paintings and Prints

Think Cornwall, and you might conjure up thoughts of expansive beaches, golden coves, sunshine sailing, and quaint fishing villages. This romantic notion of Cornwall might be a little dated (and selective!), but these days, it is a thriving, creative county, but also a county with its own social and economic challenges.

However, the connection between Cornwall and its raw, ever-changing coastline is something that remains steadfast. This landscape has long inspired artists and continues to do so. It also has a special place in the hearts of those who call it home and those who visit.

The calming influence of its varied landscape, from rugged moors to sheltered beaches, is testament to how powerful nature can be, and how it’s become a grounding haven for many of us in a chaotic, busy world.

If you’re keen to keep hold of this feeling, Cornish seascape artworks are a brilliant way to remind us of our enjoyment and connection to nature here. A window into another world!

A popular subject matter, it can be hard to know where to begin when it comes to buying Cornish seascape art. At Inspire Makers we carefully select our artists, so that each one offers something different. Although they approach their subject matter in different ways, through different eyes, many are inspired by the sea and coastline in Cornwall.

Collage of a boat and sun in a white frame on a beach by Jane Wilson

Sunmer Sunset, by Jane Wilson
Original Mixed Media Collage

Semi-abstract painting of Helford Trees against a flaming sunset by Mick Dobie in white frame

Autumn Sky, by Mick Dobie
Original Painting

Choosing the Right Seascape Artwork

Feeling a little overwhelmed with where to begin when buying a seascape artwork? Below are some factors to consider, which will help narrow down your search, and provide you with a direction.

Factors To Consider Before Buying:


Look at the artworks in your home, do you lean towards abstract paintings or more realistic depictions? Are there colour palettes you’re drawn too? Perhaps you’d like to buy Cornish artwork that would complement your current collection. Or, maybe you’d like something striking, to shake up your interiors.

Where will it go?

Lots of people fall in love with an artwork, and then find a space for it. We absolutely advocate for this – the most important thing is purchasing artwork you love, and the rest will fit into place. That said, it doesn’t hurt to consider where the artwork is going, if you’re looking to fill a space. Measure how big an ideal artwork would be, whether it’ll look more effective with a wide mount, or narrow frame, or even unframed. That way you can filter your search for artwork of a particular size, or even commission a piece. Don’t forget you can always fill a big space with a group of themed pictures.


Decide on a budget, so you won’t get swept away and regret it later when checking your bank balance. This also means you can search within galleries which accommodate your budget. 

Should You Buy Art From A Gallery or The Artist?

Should you purchase artwork from a gallery or directly from the artist? Neither is the wrong answer, galleries provide a huge platform and audience for artists, introducing them to new customers. On the other hand, artists enjoy selling directly when they can. What’s most important is the artwork itself, and whether you love it. Ensure that whether you’re buying from a gallery or artist that you’re happy with the quality and framing, and returns policy if needed.

Would you like your artwork delivered?

This is one of the more boring factors to consider, but worth checking so there are no surprises! Will the gallery or artist be able to deliver the artwork, and at what cost? Or perhaps you could collect it from them, and save a fee.

Are you connected to your Cornish seascape?

Most importantly of all, do you feel really connected to the artwork? Does it depict the seascape (or feelings of) a sentimental place? How do you feel when you look at it? Will you love it in 20 years? 

We always encourage customers to purchase artwork they love completely, not just because of hype or reputation. 

Framed pastel artwork of the coast by Erica Ankers

Cornish Coves, by Erica Ankers
Original Pastel Artwork

When to Decide to Invest in a Seascape

If you’ve considered the factors above, you’re ready! Whether you’d like to purchase Cornish artwork at a more affordable price, or you’re happy to invest in a more costly artwork, there is something for everyone within the varied network of Cornish artists. 

Our favourite Cornish Seascapes

Here’s a selection of our works, all inspired by the Cornish coastline. Each artist documents their emotional response to their surroundings through different techniques and mediums. Which one is your favourite?

Original oil and cold wax abstract artwork in shades of blue painted directly onto a solid oak block by Helen Leaver

Inviting Waters, by Helen Leaver
Original Oil Painting on Oak Block

Original oil and cold wax abstract artwork in shades of blue in a white wood frame by Helen Leaver

Clear Skies Ahead, by Helen Leaver
Original Oil Painting

Unusual long landscape acrylic painting of fields in spring by Maggie Cochran in wood frame

Slice of Spring II, by Maggie Cochran
Original Painting

Abstract square acrylic painting of the view of the sea across the bay by Maggie Cochran in a black frame

Across the Bay II, by Maggie Cochran
Original Painting

Semi-abstract painting of trees along a riverside by Mick Dobie in a white frame

Marshmallow Skies, by Mick Dobie
Original Painting

Where to Find Authentic Cornish Seascape Art

To buy authentic Cornish artworks, purchase directly from reputable galleries and the artists directly. Be wary of those selling paintings second hand, with little in the way of provenance. Most artworks should be accompanied by some form of documentation, with an authentication certificate, or just a receipt of previous purchase.

Check the artwork has been signed by the artist, and that the painting and framing has been finished to a high standard with no damage. 

Many coastal Cornish towns have independent galleries, showcasing artists who are inspired by that specific stretch of coastline. You can ask them for background information on the artists and artwork. They’ll be happy to chat you through it!

Framed pastel artwork of the coast by Erica Ankers

The Sky was on Fire, by Erica Ankers
Original Pastel

Fused glass blue wave artwork in white box frame by Dreya Glass

Tidal Wave, by Dreya Glass
Original Glass Art

Spotlight on Emerging Cornish Seascape Artists

We are so pleased to welcome a new selection of artists to Inspire Makers. It is a joy to be surrounded by their beautiful Cornish artworks in the shop.

Breaking Dawn, by Jane Wilson
Original Mixed Media Collage

Edge of Sunset, by Jane Wilson
Original Mixed Media Collage

Interview with Interdisciplinary Coastal Artist, Sharon Bruster 

Hi Sharon! Thanks for talking to us about your practice as an artist inspired by the Cornish coastline. We’re so pleased to have an insight into your creative world!

Artist Sharon Bruster on a rocky beach on a sunny day

When did you begin to make art inspired by the Cornish coast?

I’ve been making art seriously for about ten years now. I love walking and in particular it’s my walks along the beach which inspire me to make art. I’m forever gazing into and photographing rockpools, gathering bits of seaweed and shells or picking up pretty pebbles. I love the places where the sea meets the land and all the patterns and textures found on rocks and along the shore.

Do you work in the landscape, or in a studio? Or a bit of both! 

My work is mainly made in the studio although I do make experimental work such as ‘sea prints’ on the beach, made using cuttlefish ink on paper. I also create lumen prints and cyanolumen prints on the beach – these are photograms i.e. photographs made without a camera, using photographic paper and sunlight. I also occasionally go out sketching, though mainly I take thousands of photographs of the little things that catch my eye as I walk – a colour, interesting textures, shapes, and patterns. Photographs are a way of storing glimpses and memories to take back to the studio. These visuals indirectly inform my work.

Are there other creative practices that inform your work?

As an interdisciplinary artist, my daily practice is varied. Walking, looking, gathering, photographing, drawing, writing haiku, printmaking, experimental photography, and painting are all part of my art practice. Each process informs the others. Everything is connected.

What is it about the Cornish coastal landscape that enchants you?

Walking along the tideline and the intertidal zone brings me joy, a sense of wellbeing and calm. It’s all the little details which grab my eye that enchant and inspire me, more than the big panoramas. I can spend hours looking into rock pools or finding interesting sprigs of washed-up seaweed!

Do you have a favourite Cornish spot to paint or visit for inspiration?

We are lucky to live on a gorgeous stretch of the north Cornwall coast. The whole stretch from Polzeath down to Watergate Bay is my main inspiration, and Booby’s Bay and Treyarnon are probably my favourites. I also love my local beach Mawgan Porth.

What does your typical day as a Cornish artist look like?

I have a lovely studio in our grounds…which we converted from a grubby old farm shed! It’s my happy place and I tend to be in there every day. I often work in series rather than one piece at a time. Walks and fresh air play a big role, too. I am strongly driven to make work and to experiment. I like having an idea and following it through. This means I am always creatively stimulated and that each body of work I make is different from the last. I like the excitement of the new! Currently I am doing a lot of printmaking inspired by seaweed shapes.

Are you inspired by other Cornish artists – past and present?

I would say that I’m pretty much inspired by all artists and makers! Whenever I see great art in any medium, a beautifully handcrafted ceramic, textile, or sculpture I take some inspiration from it. Creative people of all disciplines interest and inspire me and my personal friendships, connections and collaborations with other artists are a source of creative inspiration.  

If I can ask you to be reflective for a moment – why do you feel so connected to the Cornish landscape, and passionate about expressing your connection with it through your art?

 It’s an interesting question. That sense of connectedness is important to me. I make art because of my feeling of connection. Being in nature, the sense of timelessness of the landscape and also its fragility makes me treasure it. And being out in nature brings me a feeling of calm and wellbeing which in turn inspires me to express myself creatively.

Budget-Friendly Options for Cornish Seascape Artwork – Under £100

If you’re looking for affordable Cornish artworks that won’t break the bank, we’ve got you covered. We strive to offer a range of prices, but the quality always remains outstanding.

Woodcut print of two seals in the sea by the coast of Cornwall by Louisa Ellis

Cornish Seals, by Louisa Ellis
Limited Edition Woodblock Print

Woodcut print of two oystercatchers in a field with tin mine in background by Louisa Ellis

Oystercatchers, by Lousia Ellis
Limited Edition Woodblock Print

Lazy Sunday, by Catherine Lovett
Limited Edition Print

Sailing By, by Catherine Lovett
Limited Edition Print

There we have it, your guide to purchasing artwork inspired by Cornwall’s seascape and coastline. We hope we’ve also introduced you to a few new favourite artists, and shown you the varied works on offer by a selection of hugely talented artists.

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